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Deep Impact (1998) Film Complet en Français

Deep Impact Film Streaming VOSTFR HD A seven-mile-wide space rock is hurtling toward Earth, threatening to obliterate the planet. Now, it’s up to the president of the United States to save the world. He appoints a tough-as-nails veteran astronaut to lead a joint American-Russian crew into space to destroy the comet before impact. Meanwhile, an enterprising reporter uses her smarts to uncover the scoop of the century.

  • Release: 1998-05-08
  • Rating: 6
  • Production: Paramount / Zanuck/Brown Productions / Manhattan Project / DreamWorks /
  • Genre: Action Drama Romance

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Que disent les gens Deep Impact film


I was really disappointed, considering all of the great actors involved and since I love science fiction and the great disaster films of days gone by. I bought the DVD used and got my money’s worth–it’s a decent watch.I would recommend watching if you like disaster movies or any of the actors involved, maybe even renting or buying the DVD used or for a really good price new, say for 5 bucks, but anything more would be wasteful or being ripped off.

Patrick E. Abe

A high school Astronomy club discovers a celestial anomaly, their advisor checks it, becomes alarmed at what he finds, and things shift gears. Not bad for a movie that made “E.L.E/Extinction Level Event” a popular phrase and made the naive public aware of The Danger From Space.From there, seemingly unrelated events come to the attention of a novice TV reporter, culminating in an Apollo-Soyuz level cooperative near space mission.The star-studded crew isn’t worked very hard, even as the people are divided into two groups by lottery.Nevertheless, Family is front and center, in many forms, from divided to nuclear to “baby makes three.”At least the audience wasn’t subjected to a barrage of macho chatter that characterized “Armageddon,” but a out-of-this-world reading of “Moby Dick.” Morgan Freeman’s “President Tom Beck” does his best “Abraham Lincoln” in this film, which is one reason I watch this film when it is broadcast, even though I have the DVD. 8/10;)

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Deep Impact
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Deep Impact

Directeur de film et équipage derrière Deep Impact

  • Mimi Leder
  • Bruce Joel Rubin
  • Michael Tolkin
  • Joan Bradshaw
    Executive Producer
  • David Brown
  • Walter F. Parkes
    Executive Producer

Date de sortie:
US 1998-05-08

Budget du film:

Wiki Page:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep Impact

Deep Impact – Acteurs de cinéma et actrice

Deep Impact

Robert Duvall
Capt. Spurgeon ‘Fish’ Tanner
Deep Impact

Téa Leoni
Jenny Lerner
Deep Impact

Elijah Wood
Leo Biederman
Deep Impact

Vanessa Redgrave
Robin Lerner
Deep Impact

Morgan Freeman
President Tom Beck
Deep Impact

Maximilian Schell
Jason Lerner

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